1964 foundation year of Acqua di Toscana-San Felice.

From 1964 we bottle Oligomineral Water Toscana-San Felice always and only in heavy and ultra-transparent glass bottles.

It is an hard choice, a big engagement, a careful management that doesn’t allow superficiality, but asks an organization and a constant control.

In our domestic market, the bottle after used, come from the restaurants to our bottling plant to be:

  • washed
  • sterilezed
  • refilled again
  • capped
  • labeled

and it is ready to come back again to the restaurants.

In the foreign market, where we cannot practise the “returnable”, it’s possible to recycle completely the empty packagings.

A perfect circular economy.

The glass bottles are the best container for the Mineral Water, because assure the maintenance of chemical and organoleptic properties and the natural purity of the product.

The glass bottle is a container obteined from an industrial process that uses silica sand. The glass has a unlimited duration and can be reuses indefinitely. At the end of his life cycle as mineral water glass bottle, the glass is reused to produce other containers. So it doesn’t become waste.

The cap used to close the bottles is in aluminum, obteined from a metal alloy. The cap is used once. In Italy, when the bottles come back in our factory, have still their cap for  80%. We have specific machines that remove the used caps and collect them in special boxes. This boxes are picked up from a specialized company that transform and give them a new uses (examples: profiles for frames and different kind of looms).

The label is in paper. It is applied on the bottle with a little glue. When the bottle is washed after used, the labels are removed and collect in special boxes. Also in this case, a specialized company pick up the labels to recycle.

In our domestic market the bottles are transported and delivered to restaurants in plastic cases. When they come back from the restaurants are washed with hot water and steam, to be ready to reuse.

The plastic of our cases is recyclable and certify from COREPLA (Recyclable Plastic Consortium). The cases last 30 years and at the end of their life the plastic is reused (examples: furnishings for public gardens and other plastic objects).

In the foreign market the bottles are delivered in cardboard boxes completely recyclable.

Also the pallets used to carried the cases and the boxes, are in reusable wood.

Nothing is lost in the environment, everything reused and recycled, to respect our planet.

The water in glass bottles remains intact as in Nature.

For further information please contact us (+39 0573 41049) or write an email to info@sanfelice.org.



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