Acqua San Felice is proud to sponsor Benvenuto Brunello 2021, the tasting of the vintages 2016 of Brunello di Montalcino, 2015 of Riserva and 2019 of Rosso di Montalcino. For the first time Acqua San Felice is introducing a new bottle, an exclusive and elegant jewel.

“Since 1961 Acqua San Felice has only been packaged into recyclable glass bottles, as the CEO Vieri Ceccherini asserts. Over the years both aesthetic and the type of consumption have changed a lot and Acqua San Felice has been the first company in 2007 to use the extra-white bordolese bottle with a screw cap. Acqua San Felice accompanies the tasting of the best wines, also due to using the same bottle as wines. “Moreover –  Vieri Ceccherini asserts – we are confident to offer a high quality product with qualified image. In 2019 San Felice has created a new bordolese bottle, traditional in style but with innovative features to make this water only addressed to  high-end restaurants. The design is close to the classic bordolese bottle, but it is renewed by a higher shoulder as fine wine bottles have, which gives the bottle more importance, and a conical body that makes it more sinuous and stylish. In order to embellish and make it unique the name Acqua San Felice is printed on the base as a bas-relief. As customized bottle it is inimitable. The bottle design is a trade mark all over the word. “It’s been quite an important job” – Vieri Ceccherini says – that has been achieved by technical and market studies, and we are really satisfied”: it is a new bottle that represents TUSCANY and Italy worldwide; it reflects the classicism of tradition, with a modern touch and innovative appeal. The best restaurants appreciate it because it is an expression of Italian genius and glam lifestyle”.


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