Typology: Italian Dry Gin

Alcohol: 40%

A distilled gin with floral and delicate notes, a spirit that makes you fully enjoy the flavors of Tuscany.

The 100% organic Tuscan juniper, the heart of the spirit, embraces the iris, one of the most characteristic and beautiful plants of this Italian region. An encounter that gives Gin Iris a perfect balance, without the addition of other botanicals. For us, “Less is More.

The production process involves the extraction of essential oils contained in the iris root, which are left to stand and extracted cold with alcohol using the Cold Compound system.

This method of producing gin involves the cold infusion of botanicals, as there is no need to use the heat as expected in traditional still distillation.

The Cold Compound system is more commonly called “bathtub”. In the United States, during Prohibition (1920-1933) the manufacture, sale, import and transport of alcoholic beverages were banned. Thus, “Speakeasy”, clandestine bars, were opened, which served homemade alcohol. Among them, gin was made by filling vats of alcohol with infused herbs.

To be paired with neutral tonics to create fragrant and aromatic gin&tonics,  fully enjoying the natural scents of this gin.


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