The Collection

We like to go against the grain!
For the design of our bottles we have chosen colors outside of tradition: red and black,
to make Acqua San Felice beautiful and elegant, as well as pure and light.

Acqua San Felice

Our pure San Felice water flows from a land that’s steeped in history and rich in beauty – Tuscany Passing through an intricate maze of underground streams, the water absorbs mineral salts, and its properties make it unique in the world.

As a container for this fine San Felice water, we have chosen the bordelaise bottle – elegance and beauty to optimally preserve this gem from the Tuscan region.

The Company

With our state-of-the-art bottling plant, Acqua di Toscana San Felice achieves a production of 12,000 bottles per hour, and over 100 million bottles per year in total.

The Source

Tuscany’s San Felice Water emerges from the rocks of the Abetone mountain area in the Apennines, and is bottled directly at the source to preserve all of its intrinsic properties.


Perfumed or aromatic, balanced or aromatic. From today San Felice offers its liqueurs in a new guise and ready to satisfy the most demanding palates


pureness eco-friendly

Our water flows pure from a sandstones spring.

It arrives directly to bottling plant without using pump and electricity.

The bottle is in reusable and recycling heavy glass.

In our domestic market we still practice the returnable.

We have aluminium cap and paper label both recyclable.

Our company respect 100% circular economy.


Via di Igno, 9 / 51100 Pistoia – Italy

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The design of the Acqua di Toscana bottle is perfect to embellish tables in the finest restaurants across the world.