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The source of Acqua di Toscana San Felice directly supplies our facility via an underground duct that ensures bottling is performed under optimum conditions, capturing and preserving all the water’s chemical and organoleptic properties as it flows from the source.

In 2006, the company Piazza Navona s.r.l. ​​acquired the facility, which had been operating since 1964, and significant restructuring and renovation were carried out. Today, the production capacity of Acqua di Toscana San Felice is over 100 million bottles per year and, thanks to our state-of-the-art bottling plant, we can achieve production rates of 12,000 bottles per hour


Acqua di Toscana San Felice is a product of one of the most beautiful lands in the world, Tuscany, and precisely our love for this unique place has brought the company to choose a unique packaging, a beautiful and elegant bottle that exalts the quality of the water it contains.

Thus, Acqua di Toscana® has become a recognised trademark, which fills us with pride every day as we bring our beautiful region to the attention of the world.


Via di Igno, 9 / 51100 Pistoia – Italy

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The design of the Acqua di Toscana bottle is perfect to embellish tables in the finest restaurants across the world.